R.APP: Promoting Dual System Apprenticeship Scheme

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R.APP: Promoting Dual System Apprenticeship Scheme
By Hermes Corporation

Project R.AAP coordinated by E.N.F.A.P Marche and funded under the ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET, during the past 2.5 years, has focused on the training of VET Tutors and company Tutors to help young people making a smoother transition from school to work, improving their employability, and hence contributing to reducing youth unemployment in Europe.

Four intellectual outputs were developed: R.APP Didactical Guidelines for training VET Tutors, with more than 95 VET staff, who attended the 7 Focus Groups organized among the 5 Countries involved in the project (IT, EL, RO, DE, MT). R.APP Training Guidelines for training VET Tutors with a 24-hour course’s Testing Phase offered to VET Tutors. A R.APP In-Company Tutors Vademecum for Enterprises Staff was developed, from May 2020 to September 2020, including a total of 7 Workshops attended by 80 in-company mentors and the last output: R.APP Apprenticeship Mobility Vademecum for VET Staff and Enterprises Tutors, including a “Testing Phase” through workshops attended by 80 in-company mentors and VET Tutors, who expressed their opinion on the quality and usefulness of the Vademecum.

The Training guidelines intend to manage the planning and management of Apprenticeship paths.

Due to the COVID-19 restriction the R.APP Joint Staff Training Events has been held in on-line platforms from 19th October until 23rd October 2020. The training event, involved the staff of the partner organizations, and had the objective of transferring, good practices adopted in Germany, on how to create territorial synergies and sharing intents aimed at empowering the VET systems (VET providers / schools) towards a wider diffusion of apprenticeship at company level.

In the last phase of the project 6 Local Multiplier Events for the Dissemination of the 4 Intellectual Outputs of the project, were held both in presence and in online sessions according to the COVID-19 restrictions of each country. The dissemination events included, VET Tutors, VET in-Company Tutors, VET regulatory and public Institutions, members of the Employment Institutions and Agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Social parties, with a total of more than 175 participants. The Local Multipliers and the Final Event were held in the period from November 2020 to March 2021.

All the dissemination material and the Outputs guidelines are downloadable in: https://www.eu-rapp.eu/en/r-app-e-learning-desk/

Project Title: R.APP – European Roadmap for Apprenticeship Effectiveness and Quality Governance

Project Number: 2018-1-IT01-KA202-006806

Project Period: 2018 – 2021

Project Funded under the ERASMUS+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships for VET

Hermes Corporation: https://www.hermesmalta.com/what-we-do/strategic-partnership/rapp-european-roadmap/